“Decaf” Espresso Cup
Jan 24 - 25, 2020
1. The 2020 Seattle Decaf Espresso Cup is a mixed competition open to men and women by invitation only. It is required that all bowlers must be members of IGBO in order to participate in the Seattle Espresso Cup. This requirement may be waived on an individual basis by a majority vote of the Tournament Committee.
A. USBC and CTF members in good standing may participate in a moral support tournament with award recognition automatically extended to their national organizations; however, you must be a member of USBC to be eligible to receive USBC honor score awards. Eligible non-members may qualify for USBC award recognition by paying USBC associate membership dues before participation. You can join USBC as an associate member at tournament registration by filling out the appropriate form and paying the membership fee. All participants are subject to USBC rules and jurisdiction for the tournament.
B. Only one (1) professional bowler per team will be allowed. A professional bowler is defined as any person who has been a “card-carrying” member of a professional bowling organization within the past 12 months preceding the 2020 Decaf Espresso Cup. This requirement may be waived on an individual basis by a majority vote of the Tournament Committee.
2. The 2020 Decaf Espresso Cup will be an IGBO / USBC sanctioned tournament and the following shall apply concerning averages:
A. Bowlers shall use a composite average consisting of all games bowled in leagues during the 2018-2019 season. This will be verified on (the USBC website) or via league standing sheets if your league is not USBC certified.
B. If a bowler has no average for 2A, then bowlers shall use a composite average of all games bowled during the Summer 2019 Season (if there is a minimum of 21 games). This will be verified on or via league standing sheets.
C. If 2A and 2B do not exist, the bowler shall use their highest current 2019/2020 league average that consists of a minimum of 21 games.
D. If a bowler’s IGBO tournament average (minimum 21 games) is 1 pin or more higher than their average listed in 2A, 2B, and/or 2C, then the IGBO tournament average must be used.
E. All others will enter at an average equal to the highest entering average of the tournament.
F. Handicap for the tournament will be based on 90% of the difference between the bowler’s average and highest entering tournament average. Negative handicaps will not apply.
3. It is the bowler’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of his/her average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, his/her team captain, or others. Failure to use the correct average, if the submitted average is lower than the correct average, will result in disqualification unless corrected by the completion of the first game of the first event bowled. Prize winnings will be based on the submitted average if it is higher than the correct average.
4. The average of any bowler may be adjusted by the Tournament Director(s) upon recommendation of the local Bowling Association of the bowler in question or at Director’s discretion. Any adjustment must be made before the entrant bowls.
5. If a refund is requested, the tournament director will determine if the request will be approved.
6. Entries must be accompanied by the full amount of fees in the form of internet payment, personal checks, certified checks or money orders made payable to the Seattle Unified Bowling Association. Personal checks will not be accepted after January 1, 2020. Entries must be completed by January 15, 2020.
7. 2020 Seattle Decaf Espresso Cup Format
a. Doubles Event – Doubles event will be bowled first. Doubles partners must be from the same team. Doubles Event is 3 games.
b. Team Event – Team Event will be bowled immediately after Doubles. Lanes will not be re-oiled between Doubles and Team. Teams shall of consist of 4 bowlers. Team Event is 3 games.
c. Best Bowler Standing Event – after Doubles and Team event, each bowler will have bowled 6 games. The bowler with the highest 6-game total (including Handicap) from each team, will complete in the Best Bowler Standing Event. Lanes will not be re-oiled before this event.
a. Best Bowler Standing will consist of 5 rounds of bowling
b. Round 1: 32 bowlers will bowl 1 game. The top 16 bowlers (with handicap) will advance. The lowest 16 bowlers will be eliminated.
c. Round 2: 16 bowlers will bowl 1 game. The top 8 bowlers (with handicap) will advance. The lowest 8 bowlers will be eliminated.
d. Round 3: 8 bowlers will bowl 1 game. The top 4 bowlers (with handicap) will advance. The lowest 4 bowlers will be eliminated.
e. Round 4: 4 bowlers will bowl 1 game. The top 2 bowlers (with handicap) advance to the finals.
f. Round 5: 2 bowlers will bowl 1 game. The top bowler (with handicap) will be the Best Bowler Standing.
d. If less than 32 teams register, after each round, half of the bowlers will be eliminated until only 2 bowlers remain for the final.
e. If the bowler that qualifies for the Best Bowler Standing does not wish to participate, they will score a “0” and will be effectively eliminated after round 1. Nobody else can take their place. This can be changed at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
f. No additional fee is required to participate in this event. All teams are automatically entered with their registration fee.
8. All claims of error must be submitted, in writing, to the Tournament Director(s) within one (1) hour after the bowler or team has bowled. In matters of dispute, the Tournament Director(s) decision will be final.
9. Substitutes will be allowed to bowl at the Director’s discretion.
10. Late bowlers shall start bowling in the frame in which they are prepared to bowl; prior frames will be scored zero. The score for an absent bowler will be zero (0).
11. Cash Prizes: A bowler may win only one (1) special awards category prize. Each event has its own prize list, based on at least a 1 in 8 payout ratio for each event.
11. Bowlers shall not be permitted to practice on their assigned lanes on their scheduled day of bowling. Bowlers will be allowed ten (10) minutes of warm-up before Doubles, Team, and Best Bowler Standing.